The Most Unreasonable Expenses Claimed and Accepted

As business vary greatly, so do their expenses, with some being stranger and more ridiculous than others.

Claimed and accepted

From adult magazines, to cosmetic surgery, to a superman costume, these are some of the things that were not only claimed by businesses, but accepted by HMRC.

Home Office expenses

To no surprise of some, and the surprise of others, government officials are often the ones attempting to claim such expenses. In 2020, politicians claimed up to £77,269.40 on SP Beautiful Brows as expenses and thousands more on clothes, hair and restaurants. This abuse of expenditure by political figures mocks the worry of fines many small businesses have about what classes as a legitimate expense for them.

Unclaimed expenses

About £5.6bn is unclaimed each year due to a lack of confidence in expenses. Businesses should know, and should regularly be told that their expenses are valid, even if they seem somewhat outlandish.

A truly outlandish expense

One ridiculous expense that was rejected was an entire house, claimed due to it containing one room where the client would use as an office space.

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