Rishi Sunak Announces Spending Review

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a series of spending plans ahead of the Autumn budget on October the 27th at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

Funding renewed for job support programmes

Mr. Sunak has announced that £500 million will be spent on renewing job support schemes after furlough ended at the end of September. The exact details of what these support programmes will entail will be discussed in the Autumn budget on October the 27th.

Extensions on existing employment schemes

The JETS scheme, which helps long-term unemployed people on universal credit has been extended until September 2022. The Kickstart scheme, which assists young people on universal credit find work, will also be extended to March 2022.

The original targets for the Kickstart scheme have not been met. A goal of 250,000 jobs filled through kickstart was set originally. However, there are only 76,900 people with kickstart jobs at the moment.

a period of incentive payments of £3,000 per apprentice has been extended until the end of January for employers that hire a new apprentice.

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